Meticulous attention to detail and diligence is what delivers results as well as protects our assets
Training programs developed and delivered by our top traders ensure a growth model for consistent and sustained success.
The core to our success is ensuring talent is recognised, utilised and imparted to all of our staff.
Exchanging information and experience with financial experts whilst enjoying our one-stop professional services. In return you will be awarded a certification.

Who are we?

Alpha Zone Ltd is a Financial Trading Company with 10 years of professional experience in Algorithmic and Proprietary trading.

We have been investing in the skills and development of Traders with client accounts across the globe. It starts with an intense period of training; but throughout your career at Alpha Zone, you will be surrounded and supported by experienced people who will share their knowledge, expertise and insight to help you succeed.

Mission Possible

Our entrepreneurial culture here at Alpha Zone encourages traders and employees to unleash their creativity, passion and ideas; and grow alongside the company for success.


We don’t limit ourselves to our core business model and encourage people to discover new ventures and provide whole new opportunities for the business to grow.


We offer our trading floor to rent at Alpha Zone because we believe that live trading is the best way to learn. Traders an integrate and learn from experienced professionals and get to learn what trading is all about.  Make no mistake, this is a crucial part of your development and takes resilience and commitment to make this step.

Formulating strategic financial plans

Managing your personal and business tax affairs in a tax efficient way is a vital part of the financial planning process. We appreciate that your financial situation is unique.

By minimising your tax liabilities and by ensuring you have robust financial planning in place, we can help you to maximise your potential wealth and give advice on tax saving initiatives that could make a significant difference to you and your family, and to the success of your business growth.

Need a Consultant?

Our business accounting packages are tailored to suit your individual financial requirements and unique business needs.
Our initial consultation is FREE so contact us today to discuss how we can help you.