ALPHA Pro Trading Course
And Internship Program

ALPHA Zone offers a range of training courses and internship opportunities for students who are passionate about financial markets.


ALPHA Trader offers a range of training courses and internship opportunities for students interested in financial markets, Alpha Trader has launched an intensive 2-week course. The 2-week course at Alpha trader will cover a wide variety of topics, each one of these is in direct relation what we understand a junior trader needs to know in order to start trading and analysing the markets. The course will be delivered in Alpha Trader offices in Manchester and it will involve an intense preparation to prepare students for trading in the real market.


Join us in a thriving environment in the heart of Manchester, with the city’s one and only live trading floor. 


Hone your skills and become the trader you’ve always wanted to be with us here to help you every step of the way

CPD International Certified Trader Certificates

As well as CPD International Certified Trader Certificates for each student participating in the training or internship, help them practice and consolidate the theoretical knowledge learned in class, Give them an opportunity to reach out to a real financial trading room, Be the first choice for aspiring, highly educated graduates in their financial trading careers.

ALPHA Pro Trading Course is an Intensive Trading Course. You will be learning surrounded by our experienced traders, and during this time you will cover a wide variety of topics.


This is a great starting point for beginners on a budget to discover the first step towards your journey of trading in a LIVE forex market. During our free seminar you will learn:
• Forex market overview
• How to read and interpret FX quotes
• Introduction to risk management
• Understanding charts
• Support and resistance
• Learn how to interpret 10-15 technical indicators
• Analysis of live financial markets
• Q&A session
£ 999
Our Pro Course will give you a comprehensive introduction into the world of trading and will teach you some specific skills which are needed to be successful in the trading world. During our 2 day course you will learn:
• FX Market Structure
• Fundamental Analysis
• Technical Analysis
• Risk Management
• Trading Psychology
• Proprietary and Algorithmic Trading
• Trading Strategies class
• MT4 and MQL4 tutorials
• Trade with Real Capital
• Experience a Real World Trading Floor
Our Introduction to compliance will allow candidates to learn more about the FCA, KYC and other crucial elements of business compliance. You will be able to learn some crucial business skills and gain the knowledge you need to be successful in the financial sector.

Internship Opportunities

The financial industry is one of the most preferred industries for most graduates. Our company provides internship opportunities and training courses to excellent students. We provide sponsorship for foreign students who want to work or gain experience in the UK. Participants will be provided with training and internship certificates.

Customise your Course

We can design a specific course to give you the best experience at our trading floor.


Learn from the best; we pride ourselves in striving beyond the requirements.

Stay Informed

As a member of the Alpha Family, you can stay in contact with our traders and receive our daily market updates.

Market Experience

The markets can be a tricky place; Wild and Unpredictable. Allow us to give you the tools to navigate the storm.